who are you people and where is my horse?

i'll headbutt that cross-eyed bitch


lady gagarrison. drawn for gigwise.


Stay away from gay people today. Lady GaGa released a new album and they’re at their most powerful.

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Daft Punk as Me





When I was ill prepared to do my own laundry in college


i miss you i miss you i miss you

This was on the outside of the student union the entire time I went to Antioch. I don’t know how long it had been there before I arrived. Transient mode described our lives, still seems to describe the lives of most Antiochians I know. We still get to Ohio any chance we get. I still miss this place even though I haven’t lived there in years and by the end of my last semester I wanted to smash apart Units.

I want to embroider this on something, maybe satin stitch “transient mode -” and outline “home.” Because Vermont doesn’t feel anything like home. I don’t want people to get the mistaken impression that I feel like this place is home.

this building is being torn down and I am insanely sad. I hope dearly that this transient mode- home facade is saved for Antiochiana

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Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace

I think we’d have a good time if you’d meet me, Mary Jane, in Holland tonight. 

I think we’d have a good time if you’d meet me, Mary Jane, in Holland tonight. 

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Lady Gaga

I can no longer tell how ironic Lady Gaga is. That sort of upsets me. (I should follower her self-professed dictum that “Art pop can mean anything.”)

The only insight I can offer is that I’m presently trying to sew buttons on a coat, and I keep stabbing my fingers with the needle and sweating all over the place - this ‘fashion’ bullshit is really hard. And I’m sure Gaga knows that, as well, since her art form is basically ‘dress’ at this point. (Is freestyle karaoke over other people’s slightly altered, copyright-clearable music an art form?) I think people with large stage shows and a care for fashion - like Kanye, too - tend to see the sheer number of people and effort that goes into fashion, and they get this weirdly progressive idea about the value of work. Sewing stuff is hard.

All of which is sort of abnegated by this annoying “rich blonde bitch” rhetoric.

(Oh yeah, the first track, “Aura”, has a needlessly inflammatory theme of Gaga wearing her fame and/artifice/presentation like a disguise, an aura, and a burka - can’t wait for the internet to get ahold of that one. There’s also a song where she (symbolically?) buys drugs from T.I. and Too Short, which might be ‘problematic’.)

Of the fifteen or so tracks making up Art Pop, I’m sure one could edit it down to a pretty awesome eight to eleven track, 40 minute album. It’s definitely better than Katy Perry’s Roar, which has the known side effect of making people drive off the road to just god end this please make it stop. The most apt comparison might be Lorde’s debut, which covers many of the same themes: the uncertainty of making your self image, feeling extremely powerful by means of emotion or feeling, and being against ‘bling’. Is it possible to make a pure ‘pop’ album that doesn’t call for the psychic development of a teenager? Probably not.

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